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Gregor Ruoss the Creator

The Creator

Gregor Ruoss completed his training in a laboratory. He then switched to journalism and since 2016 he creates and cooks chili sauces professionally .

The Idea

Gregor's chilli sauces were born from a Christmas gift idea: Every year Gregor grew chillies on his balcony and gave the harvest away as Christmas presents. At some point he felt like refining the chili powder so he came up with the idea of making sauces with his chili peppers.

The recipients were so excited about the sauces that they wanted more. So, Gregor produced and produced... and at some point a webshop was needed - So here we are.

The recipes were developed over days of testing in the kitchen. Again and again he had to start from scratch because the result wasn't good enough for the 'Gyro Gearloose in the kitchen'.

Gregor searched the world for ingredients - only the best went into the sauces. The suppliers are carefully selected. He found what he was looking for in Mexico, the USA, England, Germany and Switzerland.

Now he can serve you the tastiest, hottest and most inspiring chili sauces. Dive in and enjoy it!

The Way

We celebrate....

In December 2020 we celebrated 10,000 sold “Gregor’s Chilli” products! Big thanks to all the gourmets out there. Working for you is fun :)

The Result

“What a culinary delight, the best chili sauce on the market.”

Yann Stein, Siebnen

«Volcano was so convincing that I bought 60 bottles as Christmas presents

for my customers."

Nathalie Kistler, “LAILA” dog salon, Reichenburg

«The chilli sauces are the way you want them. Hot, spicy, sweet, sour. Simply class. The size of the bottles is perfect. You can tell that the creator himself is a gourmet with a lot of knowledge in the kitchen.»

Anna Kohler, Wollerau
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