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This is the ultimative Kracher-Box! Present your loved ones with a beautifully wrapped chilli gift box with the spiciest sauces and hottest powders. Choose your sauces between Original or Extra Hot (picture).


The chili powders knock you and your friends out: Habanero with 500'000 Scoville, Bhut Jolokia with 1'000'000 (one Million) Scoville, Carolina Reaper with 2'300'00 (two point three Million) Scoville and Dragon's Breath with up to unbelievable 2'700'000 (two point seven Million) Scoville! That's more than you can take, absolutely.


We also treat you exclusively with three dried Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers.


The spiciest gift ever!


  • Product Information

    Contains: mustard, soy and alcohol (<0.1%)


    Free of gluten and lactose




    Caution: do not inhale chilli powders

  • Content

    Sauces: 3x183ml

    Powder: 3x40g + 1x30g

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