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Fly with spice


Win 4x150.- vouchers

We have the hottest chilli in the world for you


4 x 150.- vouchers

Send us your funniest, most beautiful, most spectacular or most appealing photos of Gregor's Chilli products. These can be photos in special places, in funny situations or perfectly prepared dishes. With or without you in the photo - the main thing is with Gregor's Chilli. There are four categories in this competition: Funny, Cool, Perfectly Staged and Most Beautiful Place.


The winner for each category will receive a 150.- voucher for our shop. You can win in all four at the same time. Upload your photos below. In September we will select the best ones and send the vouchers to the winner. The registration deadline is August 31, 2023.

Funny chilli photos

The best chilisauce is of course from Gregor's Chilli

Do you have any nonsense with your chilli products in mind? Take photos of it and send them to us :)

Beautiful places

Gregor's Chilli Straight outa Compton

Have you been to any special places with your chilli? Show us your hot holiday photos.

Send us your coolest photo! No matter if it has swag or style, whether it flows or is just cool. Send it to us!

Cool chilli photos

The hottest, the best, the most legendary chili powders are from Gregor's Chilli
Cheers with Chilli Beer

Perfectly staged

No kitchen is complete without Gregor's Chilli

Show us your vision of a perfectly presented chilli product. Together with your food or in a beautiful setting.


Discover the Gregor's Chilli world and spice up your life.

Nimm am Wettbewerb teil!

After successful submission, we will show you our online shop

Only completely and correctly filled out talons will be taken into account. Deadline for entries is December 31st. The winners will be announced in January 2021. Only one entry per person is allowed and they must be over 18 years old. Legal recourse is excluded. In the event of another Corona epidemic in the destination country, the trip will be postponed for a year. If the visa is not granted, the prize can be passed on to the runner-up. Legal recourse is excluded.

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